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Tricky Opossums
Tricky Opossums

Opossums fool predators by pretending to be dead. If an enemy really needs convincing, the opossum will even blow bubbles of drool out of its nose or squirt a smelly green liquid from its rear! What animal would want to eat something so gross? These are just some of the fascinating facts kids will discover as they explore the world of these tricky creatures.

Large, eye-popping photos and clear, grade-appropriate text engage emergent readers as they learn all about the unique and gross ....

Title: Tricky Opossums
Copyright Date Orig:  2009
Dewey Decimal Number: 599
ATOS: 3.6
Lexile®: 810
SRC Quiz Available: Yes
DRP: 49
Guided Reading: K
Reading Recovery: 18
Availability:  In Stock

Reinforced Library Binding $21.28  $15.96
ISBN: 978-1-59716-718-5
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ISBN: 978-1-59716-804-5
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ISBN: 978-1-936090-64-8
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Gross-out Defenses


Reading Level: 2, Interest Level: K – 3
Trim: 10" x 8"
Pages: 24
Photos: Full color
Format: Reinforced Library Binding + eBook


Table of Contents
Picture Glossary
Read More
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Grade-appropriate text for emergent readers
Large, full-color photos
Profiles of other animals that use similar defenses
Fact boxes


Animals; Life Sciences
CCSS Reading Standards for Informational Text


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