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Military Dogs


Library Media Connection, Review By: Marilyn Teicher,  - January 1, 2006
Children love dogs and this series does a wonderful job of portraying different types of dogs who are considered heroes in our society. The series shows students that dogs are capable of being more than a pet. Each book explains the dog's responsibility in society as well as how they are selected, trained, and how they perform. Some dogs are trained to directly interact with people and help them. These dogs help people emotionally and physically. There are also dogs that are trained to assist in searching for lost people or drugs. The facts are presented in four to five lines per page plus a caption box. The layout of the pages is very child friendly, with simple and informative text. The beautiful full-page photographs add to their appeal. The information is well organized; each book begins with a scenario relating to the type of dog portrayed in the book. A history of the specialized dog follows. The cover is appealing with a colored picture of the dog reflecting the specialty being discussed. For research purposes, this series has an extensive table of contents, index, and glossary. Each book is formatted the same for easy reference. Recommended.

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Dog Heroes


Reading Level: 3, Interest Level: 2 – 7
Trim: 8" x 10"
Pages: 32
Photos: Full color
Format: Reinforced Library Binding + eBook


Table of Contents
Internet sites


Nonfiction text written
as a high-interest story
100 words or less
per two-page spread
Appropriate for Hi-Lo reading
List of dog breeds
Fact boxes
Just the Facts section


Community Helpers, Jobs
CCSS Reading Standards for Informational Text
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